Tuesday, March 26, 2019

My Physical Education Philosophy :: Teaching Teachers P.E. Essays

My Physical Education Philosophy The goal of this constitution is to inform others of my reasoning why somatogenetic educators are important and why it is my dream to become one. There are three main points I would like to discuss the value of physical training ,being a mapping amaze ,and why it is my dream to become one. The value of physical education P.E. teachers bring to schools and their students. P.E. has an effect on everyday life. With this in mind I feel P.E. is highly valuable. Physical education activities overhear suppuration in mind. Children can participate in a variety of activities and are further to achieve overall wellness by continuously staying active. In physical education, children are not evaluated on how well they can play a specific game. This in turn helps children achieve overall self esteem. To pay off not bad(predicate) self esteem, one must have a good model. Role models can make a huge difference in a childs lif e. My Physical Education teacher had a major wallop of effecting of what I want to be now. Aleta Jo Crotty helped me to learn to take responsibility for my actions, and in my choices I am in control. By using guidelines that was set by her for my life, I hope to reach just one child. P.E. teachers must withal encourage creative ability and the importance of overall health, socially, physically and emotionally. I feel that if a student has a good role model than they can achieve success in all of the areas mentioned. P. E. teachers teach skills that I know are necessary to mold goodly children for a healthy future. In order to achieve such skills it is also important that children have a safe environment in which to exercise motor skills. As children grow, they become more interested in the world around them through and through the use of motor skills . P.E. can help each child with development of these skills. P.E. teachers can take the time to look at chi ldren as a whole rather than in separate parts.

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