Sunday, March 10, 2019

Examinations. Good or Bad? Essay

Examination is a very wide word, which is use in all spheres of life. It is the most fe atomic number 18d word of many students. We confuse examinations all(prenominal)place around the world. In Singapore, students take examinations every few months and major examinations every few years. As a result, many parents often push their children to undertake in examinations. This get alongs them to smell extremely pressured as they have to juggle additional co-curricular activities that are compulsory in Singapores education trunk as well as to ensure that they do not brush aside their studies and to meet their parents dwellations. They often end up burning the midnight oil when thither are examinations, leaving them worn erupt. Hence, the majority of students in Singapore come up that exams should be abolished. However, examinations are as well as proven to be dependable. They help conserve if we were able to unite what we have learnt and it has given students the drive to study. Without examinations, do you believe a student will spend sequence revising? Clearly, examinations should not be abolished. Examinations have given students the drive to study. As many parents expect their children to pass with flying colours during examinations, they usually will push them to study, hoping that by doing so they will get dear grades. Sending them to tuition split upes or even taking time off work to help them with their studies are ways parents will push them to work hard. As many parents forever tell their children, getting good grades will get you a good job. By doing so, students will have to put in endeavor into their studies and do frequent revision which helps them to understand better. Should examinations be abolished, students will not be motivated to study and do revision. Without revision, there is no school principal in having classes as one will not learn and repute everything being taught. Students will then laze around and waste unneeded time which could have been used for revision which will be dear to them.Not only do examinations give students the drive to study, they are also used to evaluate students. It is important for schools to evaluate how well students stub consolidate the material presented to them, as otherwise the teachers might have explained everything in class in vain. The evaluation based on the grades taken in exams flush toilet help the teachers see what the students mistakes are and what misconceptions they may have and the teacher can correct them. Moreover, it helps them to see the students areas ofstrengths and weaknesses and ensure that the teacher is able to maintain their strengths and change their weaknesses. Hence, students will be able to learn better and it is no dubiety that examinations are helping the students.Some people point out that examinations cause a large amount of stress to many students. Admittedly, students tend to feel extremely pressured when they hear the word exa minations. This is because they are being pressured to meet their parents expectations by studying extremely hard, and sometimes, even burning the midnight oil. While doing so, they also have to attend extra co-curricular activities as well as to attend ballet classes, piano classes, tuition classes, and many more. However, if students learn to manage their time properly, I do not see why they should feel stressed. By complete their homework and revision on time and by drawing out timetables, there should not be a problem when it comes to dealing with examinations. Moreover, alternatively of doing last-minute revision, they could have done revision every day after school. This way, they will not panic. Furthermore, if students do not waste unnecessary time lazing around and playing video games, there should not be a problem with not completing their revision on time. Additionally, stress helps move on brain power as well as create kind toughness, increase clarity, and it helps i n greater appreciation for ones circumstances, and top to a sense of confidence built on a tale of overcoming of obstacles. Hence, when it comes to examinations as a whole, the good outweighs the bad.All in all, examinations have been beneficial to many people.

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