Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Allan Shivers Essay -- essays research papers fc

through step forward Texas history, on that point have been a number of men and women to serve in their government that have stood out(p) from the rest. Allan Shivers has been one of those men who have stuck out not only as a sore thumb, but purge more as one of Texas greatest politicians. Even though his strike down from politics was a rough road, his accomplishments more than equal out a bad reputation. From rags to riches, he is a landmark in the lone(prenominal) star state.Allan Shivers was born Robert Allan Shivers on October 7, 1907 in Lufkin, Texas. He grew up in an area known as the Magnolia Hills near a little town called Woodville where he attended primary school. The Woodville school system only went up to the eighth grade. When Shivers finished school in Woodville, he started working at the local sawmill. Shortly thereafter, his family relocated to Port Arthur where he attended gamy school and graduated in 1924. Eager to learn, Shivers was accepted to the Universi ty of Texas and went to school there for one year. Expenses for college had become too much for the Shivers family to afford. He was forced to miss out of school and returned to Port Arthur. He worked in an oil refinery to catch up with some money and eventually made enough to be fitted to return to school. He actively participated in extracurricular activities such as his fraternity Delta Theta Phi, a law frat. His senior year, he was elected president of the Students Association, thus marking the beginning of his poli...

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