Friday, March 15, 2019

Development and Aging Essay -- essays research papers

Below, I altogetherow describe many factors that atomic number 18 connect to development and aging. First, I will clack about how getting former(a) is not a time to sit out, and entail livelihood is over. Second, I will define primary and secondary aging. Third, I will talk about how a good healthy diet can help with many diseases in relation to development and old age. Lastly, I will talk about how technology will help many individuals to withstand a long and health life.Many times when people think of getting older and the aging execute they tend to think of turn gray and sitting in a rocking chair watching their life pass them by. This stereotype is slowly cosmos changed thanks to the developments that are being found in research showing that by staying physically and mentally active can help delay some of the onsets of the aging process and help up to live more fulfilled and healthy lives. We all know that aging is inevitable and a natural aspect of life, specify as the gradual loss of the bodys ability to respond the environment. Although there are no ways of preventing the aging process from occurring, or finding the questionable "fountain of youth", there are ways to slow come out the process and prevent someone from becoming old.As stated in this chapter, despite good health and the absence of disease, primary aging refers to the principle and intrinsic process of biological aging that are generally programmed and that takes address with the passage of time (Lemme 346). As many already know, and as s...

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