Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Capital Punishment: Costs Of The Death Penalty Essay -- essays researc

Capital Punishment Costs of The Death penalizationLet us suppose that killing as a plant of punishment is a moral anduniversally accepted practice. Would it then be acceptable to issue thisirreparable sanction to a select few while allowing others, equally accountable,to avoid it? It is acceptable to our criminal justice ashes for it seems to bestandard operating procedure. Many embrace the devastation penalty based on the "eyefor an eye" concept. There is certainly almost merit to this argument and itseems quite fair and logical. Unfortunately our use of the death penalty isneither fair nor logical. Our criminal justice systems "lip dish" to theage-old concept is an insulting disguise for such an obscurity of virtue andlogic. The death penalty is frivolous and discriminatory in its procedurebecause of the preposterous expenditures we pay to execute certain groups at muchhigher place than others.We pay different prices for using a death penalty. Sadly, tod ay more thanever, the dollar seems to be the endlessly interchangeable standard of value.We strive to dumbfound money, save money and when we go money we do so with avalued return in mind. Accordingly, a popular argument contends that we spendtoo much money incarcerating prisoners for vitality. We probably do but the pricetag on issuing a death sentence fit in to a Florida study is $3.1 millioncompared to $1 million for a life sentence a 3100% difference (Walker 1994,108). Imagine your death bein...

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