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Friedrich Nietzsche Essay example -- essays research papers

Friedrich NietzscheSome call Friedrich Nietzsche the scram of the Nazi party. WasNietzsches ideas misshapen and warped by a needy country? Nietzsche himself detest the mettle and lower class people. Was it Nietzsches Will to Powertheory that spawned one of the sterling(prenominal) patriotic move handsts of the twentiethcentury? These are some of the questions I had when inaugural researchingFriedrich Nietzsche for the following paper.Friedrich Nietzsche, at one metre called "the arch enemy ofChristianity"(Bentley, p.82), was innate(p) into a line of Protestant Clergyman onOctober 15, 1844. During Nietzsches early years, he gave no indication that hewould non follow in his families clergy tradition. As a boy, Nietzscheconsidered himself a devout Lutheran. At age six(two years afterward his fatherpassed away)Nietzsche, his mother and sister moved to the small town of Naumburg.When Nietzsche was dozen he wrote I saw God in all his resplendence(Bentley, p.82).Later his description of his own mental state was one of Gottergebenheit abandon to God(Bentley, p.82). At a very early age Nietzsche had alreadydisplayed an aptitude for highly intellectual prowess. At fourteen, Nietzscheleft his home of Naumburg and went to an easy lay boarding school at the nearbySchulpforta Academy. The school was famous for its greatness of alumni thatincluded Klopstock and Fichte(Brett-Evans, p.76). It was here thatNietzsche received the thorough education in classical and Latin that set him uponthe road to classical philology.(Brett-Evans, p. 76) On many doNietzsches zeal to prove himself at the Pforta school spurned legendary tales. unrivalled certain tale is when Nietzsche could not bear to hear of the courage ofMucius Scaevol, who did not flinch when his hand was burnt off, without seizinga box of matches and blast them against his own hand.(Bentley, p.84) At theage of twenty, Nietzsche left to attend Bonn University. By this time Nietzschehad come to think of himself as an aristocrat whose great virtues are courage and willingness to assume leadership.(Bentley, p.85) Ironically,Nietzsche planned to study theology(to please his mother). At this timeNietzsche no longer believed in Christianity, because with maturity he lost his celestial father(Bentley, p.86). In 1868 Nietzsche was a student in Leipzig.This is when he met Cosima and Richard Wagner. The... domination is altogether possible by ignoring thegreater part of what he wrote.(Brett-Evans, p.81) Matter-of-factly, Nietzschesternly despised anti-Semites. At certain times, there was not a harshercritic of racist German nationlism. But some questions arise out of thesestatements. What of the comments Nietzsche made concerning the will-to-powertheory, the eonian reference to the superman, and his sometimes vigorouspatriotism? wholeness of the intimately significant contributions Nietzsche made was inthe area of psychology not philosophy. One of the most significantconclus ions he came to in this field was that traditional holiness consists ofdifferent expressions for the same thing, that "good" actions and "bad" actionscan ultimately gain ground from the same motive.(Brett-Evans, p.80) In truth Ibelieve that Friedrich Nietzsche was a verbose who was never able to replacehis earthly Father or his heavenly Father. This led to his strange emotionalrelationship with women. His only friends were those women who he had failedrelationships with and men who he quarreled with. In the end, Nietzsche died ofsyphilis that was allegedly contracted while in college.

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