Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Moonstone Essay -- Literature Review

Wilkie collins portrayal of a cursed diamond in The Moonst nonpareil, this prudish period researcher fiction book is still recognized glob wholey today. Although, this saucy was written in the nineteenth century Collin effortlessly distinguished the romance for viewers of all ages. The newfangled is not only a detective fiction but also has some elements of action and romance. Collins not only writes novels but also poetry and has been recognized internationally for all his work. Collins can with ease characterize all his characters in the novel. at that place are many contradistinction aspects in the moonstone but the most fascinating one is viewing the novel in a psychological approach. The reason is because in the novel Franking Blake unconsciously steals the cursed diamond away from his beloved Rachel. This novel is mainly about a diamond that became cursed when it was stolen away from its Hindi temple. The diamond was also the most expensive diamond in humankind at that time. The diamond is said to curse anyone who receives it and keeps it and it will bring sorrowfulness to his or her life. The curse has been shown to be true throughout the novel. For example, the relationship amongst Rachel and Franklin Blake although, they have loved each other the moonstone has only brought unhappiness to in that respect lives. Despite the love between Rachel and Franklin Blake the stone has cursed their lives the moonstone is best mute to be a curse, because both of these individuals took possession of the diamond their love and friendship was cursed until the diamond was returned to its holy Hindu temple.The diamond belongs to a Hindu religion, which worshiped the diamond and praised it. The moonstone was so extremely profitable that some of the members in alliance in... ...givers generosity rather than his or her rapacity (Blumberg 4). This is why at the end of our novel the stone was returned back to its Hindu temple.Works CitedBlumberg I. Collinss Mo onstone The Victorian Novel as Sacrifice, Theft, Gift and Debt. Studies In The Novel serial online. Summer2005 2005 37(2) 162.Available from MasterFILE Complete, Ipswich, MA. Accessed April 3, 2012.Collins, Wilkie. The Moonstone. brand-new York The Century Co, 1904. 3-515. The English Comedie Humaine. LitFinder. Web. 2 Apr. 2012.Duncan, Ian. The Moonstone, The Victorian Novel, And Imperialistic Panic. Modern verbiage Quarterly 55.3 (1994) 297. Education Research Complete. Web. 3 Apr. 2012.Gooch, Joshua. Narrative Labor In Wilkie Collinss The Moonstone. LIT Literature Interpretation Theory 21.2 (2010) 119-143. Academic Search Complete. Web. 3 Apr. 2012.

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