Monday, February 18, 2019

Tennessee Williams Life Story Portrayed in The Glass Menagerie Essay

Tennessee Williams Life Story Portrayed in The nut case Menagerie Tennessee Williams play, The Glass Menagerie, originated in the memory of Williams. Williams family embodied his father, Cornelius Williams, his develop, Edwina Dakin Williams, his sister, go up Williams, and his younger brother, Dakin Williams. Cornelius was an alcoholic, always outdoor(a) from home Tennessee and Cornelius did not have a strong relationship, By the late 1920s, fuss and father were in slack warfare, and both were good combatants. He came home drunk and picked up a bill-perhaps for Toms clothing or schoolbooks-and hed fly into rage.(Spoto, 18). Edwina, on the other hand, revered nicety and the good manners of Southern gentry. (Barrons Book Notes, 2). Tennessee adored Rose immensely and were close as they could be. The Glass Menagerie is based on a mother and her two children who live in a dream universe away from society. Williams play is drawn heavily upon his family life and experiences t hey are precise much analogue to the events that occur in Williams life. Tom is modeled after(prenominal) Tennessee, an ardent poet who works in a shoe grind Williams was enthusiastic about committal to writing, HeCornelius saw that Tom devoted to his writing as violent for a boy his age worse, Tom did not have companions among boys of his possess age, not did he participate in sports.(Leverich, 82). Tom tries to support his mother and sister by working in a shoe factory even though he dreams to become a poet. His mother disapproved of him writing as well as his father, Despite Toms being published, Cornelius persisted in his precept that his son was wasting his time and should be thinking of a more(prenominal) practical way of making a living.(Leverich, 82). Tennesse felt so doleful and devastatingly miserable that he did not know another way of escaping humans but to write, At the typewriter he transformed the confus ion, the bitterness, the longings into poems, and for a time he cracked out a diary in which he put down little anecdotes about St. Louis street life.(Spoto, 20). Williamss character, in like manner, felt that kindred emptiness, HeTom is a poet by nature and feels that his environment is destroying his creative abilities.(Cliff Notes, 9). Amanda Wingfield mirror images Williamss mother, Edwina Dakin Williams. both(prenominal) of these women... ...s Book Notes). Laura and Tom do not like the dismal atm of the apartment, The new apartment had only two small windows, in the anterior and in the rear rooms, and a fire escape blocked the smoking light from a back alley.(Spoto, 16). Tom uses the fire escape as a break from the real world, As he climbs the few locomote to the fire escape landing light steals up insideAt last he harness the key, but just as he is about to insert it, it slips from his fingers. He strikes a match and crouches below the door.(Williams, 55). Williams play, The Glass Menagerie, is drawn heavily upon Williams family life and experiences they are very much parallel to the events that occur in Williams life. Tennessees and Toms whole life revolved around their mother and sister. They were struggling with lifes cruel realities which they were not able to face and defeat, but instead, ran away from. Tom can not lose his memories of Laura. He needed to find his own identity and try to find a place for himself in the world.(Barrons Book Notes). If he had stayed with his mother and sister, their illusions and dreams would have deceived him.

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