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The Evils of Fraternities and Sororities Essay -- Argumentative Colleg

The Evils of Fraternities and Sororities Joining fraternities and sororities has been a long tradition among galore(postnominal) college and university students indoors the United States. As the turning of students entering colleges and universities grow, the influence and pressure to mating fraternities and sororities grow as well. According to a research project conducted by Dr. Gary D. Malaney, associate professor of education and director of student affairs at the University of Massachusetts, 58.6% of 413 students surveyed reported having at least a few friends who belong to the Grecian Area (Malaney 2). However, the Kappa Sigma fraternity at the University of Miami in February 2004 was found at erroneous belief for the death of Chad Meredith for attempting a drunken early-morning swim across Lake Osceola during a hurricane as part of a fraternity-initiation stunt (Sileo 1). In August of 2004, the Psi Epsilon qi chapter from the State University of New York was f ound guilty for the death of Walter Dean Jennings for groovy water intoxication during a pledge ceremony in which he was forced to drink alcohol and ingest enough water to bring his lungs collapse (Sileo 1). If fraternities and sororities ar as positive as its members present them to be, wherefore are fraternities and sororities mandating horrible things to innocent students? The truth is that many students know that fraternities and sororities are the wrong choice for the college and university atmosphere however, they decline to reveal the truth in order to cover up this escape route from academics to civil disobedience. Among the many non-respectable rituals and ceremonies performed by these organizations, hazing is the number one reason why a number of students ha... ...du.Roach, Colleen. Rev. of Wrongs of Passage Fraternities, Sororities, Hazing, and Binge Drinking, by Hank Nuwer. Matrix The Magazine for Leaders in Higher Education Sept. 2000 v1, i2 p84. Infotr ac. Gale Group. UC Riverside doubting doubting Thomas Rivera Library, Riverside CA. 22 Jan. 2005. .Sharma, Angeli. address interview. 22 January 2005.Sileo, Carmel. Fraternities Fall to Stem Tide of Binge-Drinking Deaths, Lawsuits Claim. Trial October 2004 v40 i10 p10. Infotrac. Gale Group. UC Riverside Thomas Rivera Library, Riverside CA. 24 Jan. 2005. .Storch, Eric A. and Jason B. Storch. Fraternities, Sororities, and Academic Dishonesty. College Student Journal June 2002 v36, i2 p247. Infotrac. Gale Group. UC Riverside Thomas Rivera Library, Riverside CA. 22 Jan. 2005. .

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