Thursday, February 28, 2019

Jessica Dirr: The Most Outstanding Law Student Essay

Different deal have polar callings in life. Some shine above their peers, while others just see to blend in and mix with others. The different challenges that this university give its schoolchilds provide numerous opportunities to excel in their chosen fields. This academic institute, hones the talents and the knowledge that students have fortune them shine and be recognized. Every year, our organization nominates the have who has exemplified high academic achievement, and the most positive impact in leading the organization. For this year, our organization has propose Ms. Jessica Dirr as the most outstanding righteousness student. She was hand-picked for this award because of the extraordinary contributions and the symbolic performance that she do both in her co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Jessica is a very resolute and hard working student. Her commitment to the school is astounding. She completed more than fractional of the program on her first year, wh ile working on a part time basis. Jessica was even selected as the graduate reasearch assistant of Mr. Jimmi Manning, the over-all look director of Critical Ethnography. This is one of those unique courses that requires a screening swear out before being allowed to enroll. Even as a student, she still managed to be actively involved with professional organizations. She is the Social Chair of the Graduate assimilator Organization, while still being an active member and alumnae of the Theta Phi Alpha. Even if constabulary took up most of her time, Jessica still managed to demonstrate a high take aim of affair on the different organizations, both on campus and in the community. macrocosm the Social Chair of the Graduate Student Organization, she planned and executed fond examples for a program which aided in the development of close relationships among the people involved. Since she was an active member of the Theta Phi Alpha, she assisted and helped in the recruitment of the members for her chapter. Jessicas involvement in different fundraisers provided excellent leadership for her sisters. She is well respected, and is often the person her sisters run to for support and assistance regarding the problems of the chapter and of their personal lives. Recently, she teamed up with another graduate in planning a large scale fundraising event, called Dancing with the Scholars. This event has been generating tons of discussions among NKU students. It was predicted that this event forget be watched out by the students, and will be one of the most successful events of the year. Jessica Dirr also represented our school in different regional and national conferences. She and her classmates responded to a topic through a debate regarding research, practice, and pedagogy. Their topic was Graduate Call to Action Re-Invigorating communicating through debate regarding research, practice and pedagogy. They answered the topic as fluent and as confident as they earth-c loset. In May, she will represent our school once again as she attends and presents at the CSCA Conference. Her presentation will be about interdisciplinarity. With everything that has been mentioned, we reckon that Jessica Dirr is the perfect recipient of this years Most Outstanding Law Student Award. Her accomplishments, both as an individual and as a student of this university, are very much impressive and should be recognized. The numerous contributions that she has made have paved way for the betterment of this university and of its students. She is an extraordinary individual who students can look up to, and a esteemed person who students admire with dignity.

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