Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Qualitative and Quantitative Perspectives in Conducting Research Essay

Qualitative and Quantitative Perspectives in Conducting Research - Essay Example There is a relevant connection that exists between qualitative and quantitative approaches as far as research in social science is concerned and the relationship has been empirically and theoretically demonstrated by many researchers that have dealt with different issues(Ragin, 2008). The recent years have been saturated with widespread debate within the social sciences that is associated with the relative advantages in respect to qualitative and quantitative strategies for research, and the opinions different researchers have vary significantly. There is a section that considers the two methods to be totally independent and in relation to the unconventionalideas, there is a section that prefers to blend both approaches in their research activities. Bryman (1998) advocated an approach that would entail the best parts of both approaches and was therefore of the opinion that both qualitative as well as quantitative approaches should be combined.`According to Niglas (2000), none of the variations that are in existence between quantitative and qualitative methodologies are the form of diametric contradictory practices but instead constitute a continuous scale which qualitative and quantitative research are not arranged in a manner that is basic. Secondly, there still exists quite a good number of researchers that are inclined towards the qualitative approach who take a realist ontological position and quantitative researchers whose ontological position is associated with idealism and relativism that associated with realism.

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