Thursday, October 17, 2019

Information Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Information Security - Essay Example In addition, customers’ issues produce the need for companies to manage information security in a proper and effective manner. In this scenario, organizations integrate a task to look after customer and governmental proprietary data and details by guaranteeing observance with the laws and regulations. Thus, an organized collection of procedures, people and information technology (IT) structure that protects decisive systems and information, and secure them from inside as well as outside intimidations is known as information security management (ISM) (Sipior & Ward, 2008), (Northern Illinois University, 2007) and (Grimaila, 2004). Security Issue The basic issue which I have chosen for this SLP is about information hacking. In our daily lives we often see this kind of security breach. People around us with negative intentions steal someone’s personal information in an attempt to make illegal use of it. This personal information could encompass various sensitive things suc h as computer passwords, email passwords, social security number, credit card number and a lot of others. The basic purpose of information hacking is to create problems for others. It could be intentional or unintentional. For instance, a hacker can hack a person’s billing information along with secret password and afterward can make illegal use of this information. This security is also very critical for the organizations since organizations can face a variety of information hacking issues. In this scenario, information hacking could be very harmful for the organization. The fundamental principles should be pursued to deal with this issue are: (Sipior & Ward, 2008), (Northern Illinois University, 2007) and (Grimaila, 2004) Information fortification, support and revitalization: Organizational information security measures, comprising systems, computer units, and data along with documentation arrangement, recognized by this rule, should be implemented in such a way that practi cally lessens the danger of inside or outside violations to the safety, integrity and confidentiality of organizational information. In addition, the users of information are anticipated to protect such private information in conformity with permissible responsibilities and managerial guidelines and measures, comprising confidentiality and exposure contracts. They should comprise tactics prepared to re-establish such information to guarantee the persistence of the crucial operations for the organization (Sipior & Ward, 2008), (Northern Illinois University, 2007) and (Grimaila, 2004). Information Integrity: Information security protectors should use appropriate confirmation and corroboration actions with the intention that the information, utilized in the search of assessment and decision making, might be expected to be correct (Sipior & Ward, 2008), (Northern Illinois University, 2007) and (Grimaila, 2004). Information Secrecy and Leakage: The importance of information like an organ izational resource augments through its extensive and correct utilization on the other hand its

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