Saturday, October 19, 2019

Discussion Questions and Participation Questions Essay - 1

Discussion Questions and Participation Questions - Essay Example The energy usage of the company should be reduced by 15% by the year 2012. The company is going to have to develop its renewable energy program further to achieve this goal. The CO2 should be reduced by another 10% by the year 2012. A popular product at Coca Cola is its 20z bottles soft drinks. These bottles are used for the classic coca cola and for other soft drinks the company sponsors. The product is currently in its mature phase of its product life cycle. An environmental lifecycle assessment of this product shows that the packaging material utilized by the company is causing great harm to the environment. The company sells every year over 2 billion bottles of these products. That is lot of plastic that is being wasted to package the bottle. The company recognized the existence of this problem which is contributing to the depletion of the crude oil natural resource. Coca Cola invested $60 million to create the world largest recycled bottling plant. The end state goal of the company is to achieve 100% usage of plastic recycled material. This plant will enable the company to come closer to the goal. Water scarcity is major problem the world is facing. There are regions in the planet that are facing major issues due the lack of water. One of the most affected regions in the world is Sub-Saharan Africa. The water stewardship program at Cola-Cola goes beyond setting operation agendas on how to reduce water consumption and improve the quality of water. The program also raises awareness worldwide about water scarcity in poor communities. You mentioned the importance of reducing green house emissions. This goal is essential in order to reduce air pollution. CO2 emissions are the top contributor that is causing global warming. You also mentioned that the company is using hybrid technology in its selection of its truck fleet. The ground transportation vehicle fleet of the company is an area in which the company could improve by replacing all of its

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