Saturday, October 12, 2019

“A Scientific Romance” Essay -- Literature Review

Many people wish they could change past decisions to improve their present lives. Ronald Wright’s â€Å"A Scientific Romance† discusses various themes that develop his character’s emotional and psychological states. One of the main themes of this novel is time travel because it impacts the main character, David Lambert. David’s selfish nature is illuminated as the novel progresses because his motives are to change the past to work out in his favor. Although David’s intensions for traveling time seem loyal and admirable on the surface, his true intensions are selfish because David’s motives for time travel only benefit himself. He completely disregards others’ feelings and refuses to accept a life without Anita: the woman who does not love him back. He is manipulative because he wants to go back in time to a point where she loved him. Although he knows her true feelings, his incentive is to manipulate her future to include him. Davidâ⠂¬â„¢s journey to the future is encompassed with remorse because he feels responsible for the death of his family and his loved one. However, David feels time travel will alter his life for the better because he feels the power to change outcomes and events. Although David thinks these outcomes will workout in his favor, the author illuminates his personal belief :outcomes are beyond human control. Although he tries to play the roll of God, David fails to realize changing his decisions in the past may not exactly change the outcome of his life due to many factors, such as others’ unfavorable responses to his changed decisions. David travels time to attempt to manipulate the outcome of his life to work out in his favor and regain the lives he feels responsible for losing; however, time travel cannot change the pe... ...m. The author proves the past cannot be changed because the novel does not have a happy ending. David resorts to time travel as a solution to his current situation because he wishes to regain his loved ones he feels responsible for losing. David is selfish because he wishes to travel back in time to change his mistakes and alter the outcome of his life to wok out in his favor. He feels responsible for the death of his love Anita, and the deaths of his parents because of his action. He feels time travel will change the outcome of events, which will make his life better in the end, but he doesn’t consider the fact that it might be the person doing the actions and not the events themselves. Time travel is not the perfect solution for David, because he would be better off realizing the mistakes that he made and learning from them in order to live a better life.

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