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Belbin's Team Roles Inventory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Belbin's Team Roles Inventory - Essay Example The deliberate combination ensures smooth running of affairs with little hiccups on the way. Ostensibly, this is to enhance efficiency coupled with specialization and division of labor. According to Belbin’s definition of what a team is (1993), he gave an insightful opinion about what a team is in this sense; he said that a team is not just a collection of individuals that are given specific job titles in an organization. Instead, he defined it as a deliberate conglomeration of persons who best understand one another in the sense that they work in tandem in areas they are best proficient in with the sole aim of achieving a specific objective. With regard to these, a team is fragmented into simpler units of individuals who are charged with different responsibilities and all these coalesce at a point to further a single interest. In his journal ‘understanding groups at work’, Alcorn (1989) stressed the need of applying the Belbin model in work place. He argues that in putting it in practice, the management of an organization is able to come to terms with its employees strengths and weaknesses and use these in strengthening the performance of the organization by utilizing the strengths of the persons and ignoring their weaknesses. I.e. duties will be assigned to the most appropriate person who will execute them skillfully and with little efforts. Application of this model is also aimed at not bringing confusion and multiple assignment of duties to the employees as these may result into absconding of duties. The information accrued from the Belbin’s model can be extensively used in a work place to help undertake to some duties that are equally helpful. It helps identify and nurture a highly skilled and work-oriented persons to keep in the work place, it enhances a sense of belonging and an attitude of can do to the employees in the work place. Not enough, Belbin’s model also inculcate high-level trust and understanding that brings about coherency in the work place besides instituting a productive and efficient working relationship. Lastly, it can also help in recruitment of employees such that only the best are engaged (Hayes, 1997). In relation to the fact that in an organization group work is necessary, the groups are composed of the different people who work hand in hand to achieve a specified objective. All the members of the group are assigned specific duties that they can best perform in and these are called team roles, Benders and Hootegem (2000) defines team roles as the tendency to demonstrate and manifest proper conduct that are ethical and rational to fellow team members in pursuit of the certain benchmarks in the organization. It also warns that the aim of teamwork is not to gauge personality but to establish the correct behavior that can be tolerant others in a work place. Though the number of team roles might be different from one organization to the next, Belnin in his perception proposed the e xistence of nine different team roles. Of all the team roles, each had a peculiar role to play given on grounds that it is his/her best performing area. This is according to the evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses- the strengths prevail upon weaknesses. The nine team roles advanced by Belbin Belbin advanced nine possible team roles that are necessary in teamwork, these roles are all-important and are peculiar, and each seems to be the driving force of the other. All are

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