Saturday, October 5, 2019

Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI career Research Paper

Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI career - Research Paper Example 1-5). Nowadays, the FBI is synonymous with national security, and individuals working for the FBI are considered to be serving their country. Because of this, many people desire to have a career working for the FBI, and a substantial proportion of these envision themselves as being a special agent. However, the importance of the work that the FBI is involved in necessitates a high level of security and skills, and consequently, there are strong restrictions on who can have a career with the FBI, particularly as a special agent. The creation of the FBI occurred because there was no nationwide group that was responsible for gathering intelligence, and no organization was present among state- or city-wide institutions. The jurisdiction of the FBI has grown since its inception, especially following the increased focus on counter-terrorism after the September 11 terrorism attack. The FBI is a part of the United States Department of Justice, and contained 11,633 special agents in 2003. The number of agents is an indication of how specially trained these individuals are, and the amount of time and money that is spent in ensuring agents are fully ready for any occasion (Jefferys-Jones, 2007, pp. 1-5). Agents within the FBI fulfill a variety of roles, and often work unusual hours in difficult conditions. However, careers within the FBI are not limited to special agents and many other positions exist. As an organization, the FBI focuses on serious crimes that occur within the borders of the United States and on terrorism. The first step to becoming involved with the FBI as a career is determining what field to pursue. There are a number of different roles that a person can undertake in a career for the FBI. These include working as a linguist, within a hostage rescue team, as a professional staff member or as a special agent. Working in the FBI, regardless of an individual’s role, involves a high degree of dedication and independence. All applicants need to have a four-year degree, although there is no restriction on what the degree can be in, as well as three years’ experience working in the professional world. These are important criteria, as they show how dedicated, motivated and committed the individual is. Applications for the FBI are often much higher than the number of vacancies, and consequently it may take an applicant many years of reapplying to be successful. In terms of skills and training, the approach to entering a FBI career is varied. Many people desire to enter the FBI from an early age, and consequently are able to tailor their learning around this. Studying law as a degree and being involved in extra-curricular activities at all levels of schooling can work to the candidate’s advantage. However, the FBI hires from a wide range of different fields, and people are not required to have any experience with law or criminal justice to become a part of the FBI, or to be a special agent. As there are many application s each year, the most important part about being accepted into an FBI career is to be exceptional and to stand out. Of these positions, perhaps the most widely recognized is that of a special agent. Being a special agent is a highly specialized and demanding job; consequently, there are a large number of qualification requirements before an individual is able to begin training as a special agent. All people desiring to become an FBI special agent must pass a physical fitness test, consisting of four individual assessments as well as meeting

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