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The life of everyday 2012 Americans would be massively effected if they had no cellular phones. Since cellular phones were considered advanced back then they could carry â€Å"APS† and â€Å"the internet†, with these two things humans could most likely do almost everything from their phone, except eat and drink. Most everyone in 2012 has a phone for communication purposes, since people travel far away and do not stay close to the home. Although a cellular phone was a status symbol, It was also seed to take â€Å"pictures†, and to decorate, in 2012 they had things called â€Å"phone cases† and â€Å"phone charms†.This Just fed into the obsession with the use for cellular phones and other technologies. Cellular Phones challenge the Christian faith because they are such a temptation. Since Americans got all the worlds information to their phones, they kept their cellular phones close. They left these devices on loud ringers too, this way they were noti fied when a text came up, or something In their social media circle. But 2012 Christians should be more focused on serving the Lord's will, rather than satisfying their need to stay â€Å"updated†.In the more ancient Roman times, the Christian were faced with the dawning task of trying to â€Å"fit in† with the regular society, so they had to pretend to worship false idols. But the Ancient Roman Christians rose above that, they knew that with the help of God that life would learn to accept Christianity as a real religion. Roman Christian would just have to remain faithful to God and know that it is in his will that they learn o resist temptations and to stay faithful even through the persecution. My second artifact that I uncovered was a â€Å"Cool Story BRB. Tell it again. † Sweatshirt.This sweatshirt represents clothing that Americans wore in 2012, this would also be considered Ideas and Values. These types of sweatshirts were used to gain attention, both posi tive and negative, with a catchy slogan. This effects the dally lives of Americans living In 2012 because sweatshirts, were used for warmth. But they could serve another purpose too, living in 2012 the world was all about fashion, so any people wore sweatshirts with catchy slogans because it was â€Å"hip† The main reason it was a challenge to the lives of Christians living in 2012 was because the slogan â€Å"Cool Story BRB.Tell it Again. † is supposed to make the person telling the long and uninteresting thing feel like their words were not important. So their words feel less important with such a rude phrase. Ancient Roman Christians must have felt the same way because since they lived in a time were false idols were constantly being worshiped, believing in a Heavenly Father made them unimportant. Ancient Romans treated the Christian word like we do now with that catchy slogan; they denounce all meaning in our messages, our prophets, and our bible verses.The Christi ans rose above all the hate and mean glares that were given to them in Ancient Roman times, so it should be easier for Christians in 2012 to be able to turn their heads away from the fallen decedents of Jesus Christ. It is only God's will if people want to reject our messages, and our teachings. We will always as Christians stay faithful no matter what, and continue to speak of God's Grace. The third and final artifact that I discovered is a women fragrance, names â€Å"Rubble† by Ranch.This artifact goes under social life, and ideas and values. In 2012, women were obsessed with smelling good, it was not uncommon for one women to have more than 3 perfumes in her bathroom or bedroom. This was all because of the idea that women must smell good, to be attractive; of course there were other things women had to suffer through to be considered attractive. But none the less, women were objectified to be a perfect person. This posed a challenge to Christians and their faith because; Christian women would not be focused on achieving preferences.The only one who can be perfect is God, who made us, and teaches us daily. Although it was tempting for Christian women to object themselves to the culture around them, they knew that in the end it wouldn't be the preferences that got them to heaven, and that they wouldn't be Judge on their appearance. In the end Christian women knew that they must stay faithful to God, and know that he is the only one who Judges us in the end. In Ancient Roman times, women-not Just Christian- were faced with the same reality.The cultures around them made everyone think that women have to be a certain way to be beautiful, this has been etched out through all of time since Adam and Eve, and the dinosaurs. Christian women of faith should not be discouraged by the perfect image formed by society and pop culture. They should only strengthen their faith, becoming closer with God. God doesn't see you as you, he sees you as the person he created , and a loving human being. God is the only one who Judges you when you leave this world, so why should you care who Judges you in this world? Artifacts They include tools, dwellings, artifacts, war machinery and music instruments among others. Material culture advanced at different speeds in different communities depending major on the needs of the community at that particular time and technological ability. Building structures such as homes and roads, which are products of architecture, provide the major contribution to material culture. This brings out clearly the importance of architecture in the development of material culture, and the same way, material culture is so important in architecture and other fields as discussed below.For architects, material culture can be a great source of inspiration in designing of buildings. Many architectural designs source their inspiration from the material culture of a society. Physical cultural elements such as the African hut, the gourd, the African pot and the African mat have inspired African architecture. A good number of buildings in Africa have their inspiration from very old buildings in Asia and Europe, mostly religious places of worship such as the churches and mosques, almost all mosques have a similar design that traces its origin way back in the Asian countries where McHugh style of architecture was plopped.Such are forms of material culture as they played a central role in defining the religion of the people during that time. Since material culture is tangible, and in most cases very durable, it provides a concrete support and evidence in proving historical facts. By collecting and studying material culture, historians are able to validate and prove their claims. In the study of the origin of man, Charles Darwin could have not in any way convinced a single person that man evolved from the same evolutionary path as primates.But through the evidence gathered from the mains of the stone tools and artifacts at the areas belied to have been the dwellings of the early man, it was much easier for him to prove his point that man evolved from apes. Material culture enables us to gauge the level of development of a people. In the modern world, there exists a different level of gauging the development of societies I. E. The developed countries such as USA china, Japan and Britain, the developing countries such as Brazil Kenya and south Africa and also the third world countries.What leads to such difference in classification is mainly the kind of materials these societies use and their technological advancement. We are able to measure how advanced the ancient societies were through the study of their material culture, for example the early civilizations such as Mesopotamia and Egypt, through studying the remains of their agricultural tools, we are able to comfortably conclude that such civilizations had sophisticated technology as per that time. In the more recent societies of Rome and Jerusalem, by getting knowledge of their architecture, we find how much they were technologically advanced.This is important in that it gives us onscreen evidence to use in gauging the level of development of a people. Material culture is a source of heritage and pride of a people. The tangible evidence of the technological advancement is a source of pride as a heritage of a people, historic buildings and artifacts owned by a society provides them with something to show off their history and advancement in various fields of Science and Mathematics. For example the Fort Jesus building in Lama, the Geed ruins, these are sources of pride for Kenya as they are historical places that define the history of Kenya.Famous old buildings such as the Dome of the Rock located on the Temple Mount in the old City of Jerusalem, SST. Pewter's Basilica in Rome, Italy, Acropolis of Athens, the Pantheon in Rome, the Parthenon in Athens, Decent Mosque in Mali, the Great Pyramids of Egypt and Haggis Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey are great heritages of the communities that associate with them and the countries in which they have been in existence for centuries. They are a source of pride and give a visual impression of the history of the people in those places. References; www. Du. Com

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