Sunday, April 21, 2019

Smoking Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Smoking - inquiry Proposal ExampleThis stage is called metastasis. On the contrary, in some cases cancer cells do not pageantry uncontrolled growth, they are non-invasive and do not spread, such stage of cancer only forms benign tumors (Alberts et al, 2007). legion(predicate) factors are responsible for the proliferation of cancer, these could be environmental factors- tobacco and alcohol consumption obesity- sedentary life elan and higher intake of calorific fast sustenance may lead to the trigger of cancer genes (Bassen- Engguist, 2011), pollution, objectionable agents with carbon particles including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from the industries releases toxic chemicals may act as carcinogens heredity factors, radiation hazards, by viruses, food items, pesticides and other organophosphorous compounds and cosmetic agents may act as carcinogenic agents (Irigaray, 2007). The present research proposal is to sidle up the significance of smoking in treating cancer.Treatment of cancer involves chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, studies reveal that investigative studies presents neurobiological, pharmacological implications of marijuana and its therapeutical propositions for HIV wasting, glaucoma and cancer chemotherapy (American College of Physicians, 2008). However, an impediment to pursue research is attributed to the intricacies exhibited by the federal approval methodology, low availability of research-level marijuana and disagreements over its legalization. Essentially, it is necessary for the physicians to realize the therapeutic implications of marijuana and encourage abusers co-operation in the concern and cure of numerous disease conditions that are hard to cure because of extreme pain and the association of the underprivileged (American College of Physicians, 2008).Marijuana, commonly identified as cannabis, comprises about 60 compounds unanimously described as cannabinoids. The world-class chemical component accountable for psychoact ive

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