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Analysis of Article about Binge Drinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Analysis of Article about Binge Drinking - Essay ExampleThe author explains that college students chthonic the legal age of 21, are drinking large quantities of hard liquor, like vodka, in the privacy of dorms and apartments, as a prelude to going out for the evening. This is a new college tradition, dating from the 1990s, a dangerous activity which oft results in hospitalization and sometimes, death. He claims that the government do a grave error in command which prevents people aged 18-20 from legally consuming alcohol, driving the practice underground, making it attractive as disallow fruit. He expresses the belief, founded on experience and research, that if the legal age were lowered to 18, young people would correspond to use alcohol sensibly, in an open, mixed-age, social environment, this-this a saner approach, one which he observed at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Like many young people, I have tried alcohol, mostly just a some beers at first, which I found gav e me a pleasant buzz, made me laugh and tone more relaxed. but I always stopped at three bottles, it is so fizzy and can make me feel bloated. My friends older brother usually bought the beer for us, when we first started drinking, and we only ever did it with friends, no adults were around. The boys usually drank a lot, oft getting sick, aggressive, bothering us girls too much, and even passing out. That spoiled the little parties for many of us and made me take care never to get so drunk as to lose control. Until one weekend, when my friends parents were apart and she had a party. on that point were about 20 of us and it was fun at first, laughing and dancing, drinking beer and ingest pizza. Her brother said we should really try some real booze, we were missing out, and so I drank three outsize glasses of Southern Comfort and lemonade, after having had three beers. It tasted fine, I felt good for a while. Suddenly, the populate was spinning, voices seemed louder, I kept bum ping into people and furniture and finally, I went outside and lay down in the grass. There was nobody else around me, I was scared and felt awful, the moon seemed huge and the sounds of everything were magnified.

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