Thursday, April 18, 2019

Democratic Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Democratic Systems - Essay ExampleDependants admitted in Britain (in thousands) 1 July 1962 - 31 December 1972Source Adapted from the Home Office, Commonwealth Immigrants Acts of 1962 and 1968 Control of Immigration, Statistics 1972, Cmnd. 5285, London, HMSO, 1973 and previous volumes published annually in the same series. In 1968 it has been passed the Bill against discrimination, however it has been accompanied by the new legislation, which has made control everywhere the entrance to the country tougher and sharply reduced the quantity of new immigrants. The same year during parliamentary countersign on racial relation Enoch Powell (that time the speaker of conservatives) has made the speech in Birmingham, in which he has expressed his anxiety on occasion of sharp increase of non- ashen population of Britain. Moreover the Gallup Poll has shown, that 75 % of British more or are less solidary with Powells estimation.With the purpose of struggle against racial discrimination in 1976 British third Race Relations Ac has been passed. The Act forbade discrimination at employment, rent or purchase of accommodations, acceptance in clubs and organization. For supervision over the execution of the Act it has been founded the Commission for Racial compare (CRE), which has been allocated with the broad powers. The decisions of Commission had the status of the law. However 1970s check been also marked by feature of frankly racist party of British interior(a) Front. In reply to this there have appeared the organizations resisting the National Front. For example, in 1977 for counteraction to propagation of National Front the Anti-Nazi League (ANL) has been founded.By 1990s the inhabitants of the Great Britain having West-Indies and S kayoedh-Asian... In may of 2001 in Oldham two nights on end police and superfluous troops unsuccessfully tried to persist the fight between white Englishmen and the Indian and Pakistan immigrants. The conflict had its own background. Th e Pakistan youth has declared the creation of special areas in Oldham where no white person should step. It has been presented as a necessary measure because the police do not protect Pakistan immigrants from excesses of white racists. The boylike people have started to gather in some resemblance of knots of self-defence. In April 2001 an Englishman by name Walter Chamberlain was hospitalised with a broken nose and cheekbones after three Asians attacked him saying, This is our area, get out (Milmo, 2001). The point is that this old man crossed a no go zone for whites. A veterinary of the World War II, 76-years Walter Chamberlain, has been brutally beaten by a group of teenagers-immigrants. Certainly, there were also the others white people, who crossed no go zones however this old man has appeared to be the easiest prey. Far right powers have immediately answered. They have attacked the Pakistan shop and have thrown a stone in a windowpane of the house, where lived pregnant woman of the Asian origin. From that moment the violence flamed up. For a start about hundred young Asians have crushed a pub, throwing it with bottles with Molotov cocktail. Then more than 500 young men set two-day riot.

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