Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Family Variations and Implications to Children Essay

Family Variations and Implications to Children - Essay ExampleTherefore, the economic, social, and ethnic background of a family has a large impact on the behaviors and the upbringing of a child in the community. Children from single p atomic number 18nting portray different characteristics from children with both parents, with the gender of the child being a factor in determining how the family grammatical construction and relationships affect children in particular families. Wright & Chrysalis (2007, 16) argue that the rapidly changing family dynamics result in varying characteristics and behaviors in children, indicating that the structure of a family has a direct impact on the upbringing of a child. Therefore, children adopt behaviors and characteristics that mirror the family cultural and economic backgrounds, and family structures in the society. In this report, the various effects of family structures and their effects on children influenced by the social, economic, and cu ltural factors volition be investigated.Berthoud (2) further notes that in black families, the issue of extended family is more profound, and may embarrass grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, among others. Generally, inquiry in most U.K families portrays most traditional family structures are more stable compared to the current marriage structures, which include single parenting and cohabitation forms of marriages (Mooney, Oliver & Smith 2009, 3). Children in stable marriages portray healthy and stable development psychologically, mentally and are in most cases protected from vices experienced by children in the other two forms of marriages (Mooney, Oliver & Smith 2009, 3). such(prenominal) children are likely to be morally responsible according to stable upbringing, or the favorable tune in these families they have to learn their cultural orientations and the expected code of behaviors in the society.

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