Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Where is The God of Justice :: essays research papers fc

Why do thousands of God fearing Latin American Christians for instance, languish in the slums in abject poverty, while the medicate cartels enjoy tequila and Cuban cigars? A few months ago there was a news report that a Missionary couple of Wycliffe Bible Translators, working the forests of Guyana had been viciously murdered. In third world countries in particular there is a marked, observable distinction between the lower, middle and upper classes. As one examines the exhausts? and the have nots? from a religious perspective it often appears to be the case that those who are highly religious or shall we rate those who are godly often tend to find themselves at the lower end of the economic ladder while those whose lifestyles are divergent from Biblical norms seem to be flourishing. This observation is no new phenomenon however. The Psalmist David raised series questions about it in Psalm 73, personal credit line raises a lament about it in Job 21 7 -25 and the prophet Habakkuk contemplates it in Habakkuk 113. Habakkuk asks, how can Yahweh, whose eyes are too pure to behold evil, allow the wicked to swallow individual more righteous than he? Why do the wicked prosper?? The question of the prosperity of the wicked is a question of theodicy (vindication of divine providence in view of the existence of evil). It is central to section of the Bible under review, Malachi 217 35. According to The Expositors Bible Commentary , unlike about other prophets Malachi mentioned no dateable person or events in his brief prophecy. Clues to the origin and time of his book must therefore come from the text and its implications. It has ceaselessly been placed last in the minor prophets. The Talmud regularly classes the book among the postexilic prophets. The contents of the book suggest that it was written some time after Ezra. many of the exiles had returned, the temple had been rebuilt and the sacrificial system had been reestablished to the point that where it was b eing abused- a matter which Malachi addressed at length. The city of Jerusalem had returned to a substantial degree of normalcy and the inevitable lethargy, laxity and leniency in spiritual matters had developed. It is to this declining state of affairs that the prophet addressed himself.Nothing is known of Malachi apart from his book. Even his name is questioned . approximately take it to be a title rather than a proper name.

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