Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Globalization of Sports Essays -- Globalization, Sports

pleasure is an ever growing aspect of our cultures, and as the access to different avenues of lark about begin to present themselves we question the ability of sport organizations to expand globally. This review of literature will examine different avenues of sport and the research that has been done in regards to their effort to expand on a global scale.Arguably one of the most successful avenues of sport to expand globally is soccer. Soccer is played in more countries(204) than any other sport. (Klein, 2008) A perfect example of soccer as a brand that has expanded globally is Manchester United. In a display case study by John S. Hill and John Vincent Manchester Uniteds Globalization in sport branding is examined through using David Aakers smear Identity model. (Hill & Vincent, 2006) Aakers model breaks down what makes up the core and extended brand identities. (Aaker, 1996) These values that make up the core and extended brand identities be brand as product, brand as org anization, brand as person, and brand as symbol. (Aaker, 1996) Hill and Vincent throughout this case study explain in elaborate these key values as they pertain to Manchester United which helps explain why Manchester United as a soccer team has become so successful. concord to Hill and Vincent the brand as product is very marketable because the familiarity of the basic concepts of the sport, the ease to play, the value of the English premier league as a league, and the unsophisticated of origin for the modern game was invented in England. (Hill & Vincent, 2006) The brand as organization also is marketable due to the traditional club youth program, the adding of household names, and the fasting pace of play that was created to increase excitement among fans. (Hill & Vincent... ...g sport assessing the World Baseball Classic. Soccer & Society, 158-169.Luo, M. (2003, Febuary 9). Rockets Yao Ming carries Asians in America to new heights. The Miami Herald.Maguire, J., & Bale, J. (1994). The global sports arena. Athletic talent migration in an interdependent world. London Routledge.Means, J., & Nauright, J. (2007). Going global the NBA sets its sights on Africa. International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship, 40-49.National Basketball Association. (2005, April 12). NBA basketball stars reunite for Basketball without Borders Africa. Retrieved from http//, L. (2009). Globalization of Sport An Inconvenient Truth. Journal of Sport Management, 1-20.Wang, C.-M. (2004). Capitalizing the big man Yao Ming, Asian America, and the China Global. Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, 263-278.

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