Thursday, May 2, 2019

Analyzing the Bull Profile Series by Roy Lichtenstein Essay

Analyzing the Bull Profile Series by Roy Lichtenstein - Essay ExampleOr, it could be a sequential explanation on how Liechtenstein transformed his subject, an everyday diddlysquat that looks uninteresting to a more vibrant and beautiful art form.The artwork as a unit of measurement fits into the taking over created by the order of battle space because it was able to successfully tell a narrative that the earreach understand. In this case, it is the transformation of the bull to an interesting art form. Or it could also be a tutorial or an illustration on how Liechtenstein create his artworks by breaking the elements of the bull in each sequence and then adding distortion and color to breathe life to the subject.It has to be understand that the sequence created by the exhibition space is meant to tell a story. Such exhibition space can range from the walls of a heading to the sketch pad of the artist or even the monumental walls of Egypt where the sequence of hieroglyphic fitted the exhibition

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