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Unplanned absence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Unplanned absence - Essay Example Also, with this kind of absences, there should be a technology or related factors to compensate with the absence of this individual. In United States, the labor sector loses 2.3% of scheduled working hours as well as 20 percent of its payroll due to this kind of situation. The question is what are the steps that must be done should this kind of instances occur to replace the absentee as well as to minimize expenses during this particular incident wherein the company is required to pay the absentee' On the given example, there are varieties of options that are to be looked upon in order to address this kind of problem. In this case, these varieties are regarded as part of the system. The remedies that were provided are that the company would hire temporary employee in the absence of the personnel concerned, pay-per-use scheme within the customers, hold over-times and the likes. These ideas and are somewhat a management system in the company which is formulated to address several issues concerning operational management within the company. In the article written by Fred Easton (+) and John Goodale in 2005 entitled scheduled recovery for unplanned absences, it was stated there the issues revolving around organizations particularly in organizations which is service in nature. The subject areas were Labor and staff planning, mathematical programming and the likes were tackled and looked upon. In my own perspective regarding issues on unplanned absences specifically on business which is service in nature, a contingency plan must be made due to the organization exist due to the services that have been rendered by the people. Also, a system which deals with the employees and the target customer is essential to obtain the sense of order in the workplace. The aforementioned systems that was laid in the earlier premises in this paper in order to address the problems concerning in this nature. The pay-per-use scheme is a convenient way to use in order to regulate flow and arrival of customers in which the customer will have second thoughts of acquiring services from the company. In this case, the company will have a return of income as this method is expensive from the conventional one. This kind of scheme is very practical since the scheme would tend to regulate the influx of customers and since thee are a small amount of employees that are working due to the absence(s) of their colleagues, then chances of serving tremendous amount of customers would be manageable due to the fact that customers will be entertained only on the prescribed terms of use and the services that would be used will be paid each time they are availed and with this, it will also be a source of tremendous income since the services are paid not on the length but rather on the quantity of rendered services. Also, the employees will only work on the prescribed description of their tasks. In this case, the work load of the employees will become limited thus will give better chances in meeting the demands of customers regardless of numbers. Also, in this process, the operation of the organization was not halted though they operate with

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