Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Satisfaction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Satisfaction - Essay Example The other patients had diets that could not satisfy the purpose of the research. To this extent I can authoritatively note that the results of the survey are valid and reliable to the extent that they are an accurate representation of the patient satisfaction. The survey questions were categorized on a scale of 1 to 5. The scale ratings connotations were as follows; The average satisfaction rate was 5/5 though there were disparities among the patients in terms of the level of fulfillment. The quality of food was rated, as the highest score with an average of 5 that was a 100% approval. Most of the patients noted that they had enjoyed the breakfast meal provided in the morning, but had certain reservations concerning the timing. Close to 80% of the patients noted that they liked the menu being served in the hospital. The workers, especially the tray passers received a 100% approval rating with most of the patients, noting that they were the best caregivers. I found out that most patients with dementia, cancer or diabetic patients did not enjoy the meal as the regular patients. I asked the patients to give their opinion concerning the food that was being provided in the hospital and the feedback had interesting outcomes. Seven of the patients noted that the food in the hospital was better compared to the others. Four of the patients noted that th e food in the hospital was worse compared to other healthcare facilities. The remaining one patient did not have an opinion and therefore could not make a comparison. I believe taste and preference for food cannot be homogenous and therefore cooking for many people can only be standardized. The average stay for the patients in the hospital is not more than five days and to the extent the patients are only provided with a week’s menu. Every patient is provided with a week’s menu upon arrival. A number of patients complained of the soup not being hot, however, the time the soup is cooked and when it is served takes a

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