Friday, September 27, 2019

Global Warming Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 7

Global Warming - Research Paper Example This paper stresses that the IPCC regards the act and measures made to counter increase in temperature as mitigation and these activities include attempts made to reduce emission of greenhouse gasses and enhancement of the ability of carbon sinks in order to increase the absorption of GHGs that are found in the atmosphere. This report makes a conclusion that IPCC created a report according to which policies need to be made in order to decrease the emission of greenhouse gasses. Another method through which the effects of global warming can be offset is through the method of adaption to changes in the climate. Adaption can be conducted in three ways, it can be planned beforehand as a reaction to changes to the climate that have already occurred or climatic changes that are yet to occur. This method is still in the process of research where its costs and outcomes are yet to be figured out but this method have been adopted on small scale basis. Global warming can be countered at the individual level as well as the organizational and the state level. If individuals, organizations and state conduct certain activities they can counter the challenge of global warming. Opponents of global warming even state that activities conducted by human beings are not the major contributors of increase in emission of carb on dioxide and instead it is the natural events that are resulting in increase in carbon dioxide. They even state that it is natural for the earth to warm and cool over different time periods because of the natural process and if currently the earth is warming.

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