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To be stated Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

To be stated - Essay Example Furthermore it will analyze nonverbal communication in the afore-mentioned media text through the lens of Charles Horton Cooley’s Looking Glass Self so as to depict how nonverbal cues, which can be either facilitative or debilitative, of fellow human beings collected by an individual actually shape his identity and subsequently determine his sense of self. The concept of the â€Å"looking glass self† promulgates that self-consciousness involves continually monitoring self from the point of view of others. Cooley stated this concept of the â€Å"looking-glass self† in his book Human Nature and The Social Order: â€Å"We live in the minds of others unknowingly. This creates the â€Å"social self† which might be called as the reflected or the â€Å"looking-glass self†:â€Å"Each to each a looking-glass/Reflects the others that doth pass† (73). This consciousness of self emanating from one’s view of oneself through the eyes of another is more a product of analysis of the nonverbal cues one gathers during interpersonal communication than the actual words one hears from the mouth of one’s fellow beings. Among the many other ways in which individuals respond to fellow individuals’ nonverbal cues touch avoidance is the most striking one. Defined as â€Å"an individual’s nonverba l predisposition to generally approach or avoid touch in interpersonal interactions† ( Anderson & Sull 82). An individual’s positive or reciprocal touch response is an indication of a mutual relation of trust and connection while the opposite reaction of reciprocal touch response betrays disconnect. Likewise the extent of touch avoidance is a manifestation of interpersonal distance. The Miracle Worker, a TV remake of William Gibson’s The Miracle Worker, released by Disney Movies in 2000, films the inspirational journey of Helen Keller with special

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