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English - Huckleberry Finn Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

English - Huckleberry Finn - Research Paper Example Huck outcome of his adventures is he finally owns a lot of money which he puts in the bank for safety purposes. Huck used to live with a widow called Miss Watson who was a kind but oppressive woman. They were staying together with Miss Watson sister after he was adoption (Twain 109). The start of the book depicts Huck sadness with the new life after his adoption. The level of cleanliness, mannerisms, attendance of both school and the church, does not thrill him. However, he perseveres after his friend challenges him to stay respectable if he wants to join Tom new gang. Huck lives a comfortable life until the reemergence of his drunken father who surfaces in town and claims a share of Huck money. The neighboring judge ,but a new judge who comes to their town believes in Hucks biological fathers’ right and goes to an extent of accommodating him in his home with a view of reforming him. He does all these so as to give custodial rights to Huck father; the judge fails as Pap, Hucks father revert to his past unethical behavior. He stays in town for some months distressing his son as he has already learned reading and tolerance of the widow habit to transform him into a better person. Outraged by Pap’s behavior, the widow orders him to keep away from her residence. This results in Pap kidnapping Huck and puts him across the riverbanks in a small cabin. The father locks Huck in the cabin and goes to drink and thereafter beats him mercilessly when he comes back home drunk. Huck escapes after the confinement and aggressive daily beatings. He accomplishes to escape to freedom after slaughtering a pig and spreading blood in the cabin in the pretext of his death. He hid on a highland found at the heart of Mississippi river as he watches people from the town search for his corpse. He meets Jim, who is a slave of Miss Watson, a few days later on the island. He has chosen to escape listening to the widow conversation on her intention to sell her to another planta tion near the river. He is afraid of inhumane treatment in the other plantation and separation from his family. They join forces despite Huck conviction on the moral obligation of offering his help to a fugitive slave (Twain 145). During one of their camping expedition in the island, they come across a dead man with bullet shots. They find him inside a house on a raft as they try capturing it with an aim of looting the house. Jim prohibits Huck from having a glimpse of the face of the dead man. They are forced to move out of the island after Hucks gets information that another man suspects that Jim stays in the highland. The man justifies his statement by stressing the smoke that emanates from the island. They proceed to the states that condone slavery up the river. On their way to St. Loise, they come into contact with robbers on a ruined steamboat. They finally escape with the thieves’ loot. One night, both Huck and Jim, meet a group of young men in search of fugitive slave s. Huck lie to the group by informing them that his father is suffering in the raft infected with small pox. The men offer Huck money and disappear as they are afraid of the infectious disease. Their raft is hit by a steam boat, and the two of them are alienated. He finds himself in Grangerford’s family. The elopement of a Grangerford daughter elopes with Shepherdson son resulting to a gun cross fire that leads to the murder of numerous

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