Monday, June 10, 2019

The Nurses Role in the Health Care System Essay

The Nurses Role in the Health C are System - Essay ExampleSexually transmitted diseases have been handled as a single entity in the healthy people 2010 objectives. The main objectives include reducing the number of Chlamydia trachomatis infections especially in those whose age bracket ranges between 15 and 40 years. Congenital herpes has also been identified as a threat and therefore given a high ranking among the objectives which are geared towards the reducing of such infections. Gonorrhea is also among the STDs that have been given the first priority in the objectives of the healthy people 2010. From the data available in their records, it is estimated that there are approximately 19 new cases of gonorrhea infections per every 100, 000 people. 1997 save a high rate of 123 infections per 100, 000 people. Among these, it was noticed that the highest proportion of new infections was recorded in the Americans of the Indian origin. Another objective is to ensure that youths especially adolescents, who are prone to these infections either abstain from sexual activities or those who dont make use of the condoms in order to control the transmission of these infections. The target for this objective is to achieve 95% of the youth to either abstain or use condoms, up from 85% recorded in the year 1999 (Health And Human Services Dept, 2007). If this is achieved, it means that only 5% of the adolescents will be left to make their decisions presumably those who do not alike(p) following statistics on the number of people who lose their lives to STDs.

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