Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Supporting Organization Strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Supporting Organization Strategies - Essay ExampleThe strategies enhance the organizations competitive advantage in the market place. (Pfeffer, 1998).By implementing these strategies the companies stub be sure of maintaining a good status in the market and improving in their business in spite of any odds. It is difficult for any organization to enhance or improve the human resources without the help of any specific strategy.The organizations must employ certain unique strategies that will help in the development as strong as growth of the company. Human resource management comprises of various functions like recruiting the employees, maintaining the details pertaining to them and conducting training sessions. The another(prenominal) activities include rating of employees performance, conducting appraisals and resolving their issues. Pfeffers strategies have blend so popular that even a smaller organization implements it to expand their business. The strategies include employment security, appointivity in recruiting and leadion, self-managed teams and decentralization, high compensation, extensive training and skill development. The other strategies are information sharing and reduced status distinctions and barriers.The selectivity in recruiting and selection is important for an organization. If the employees are not selected properly it will lead to severe consequences. This can turn the situation of the organization upside down. If the company is going through a bad phase, the selection of a correct candidate can sure enough improve the prevailing situation. Instead if right candidate is not chosen, the situation will get even worse and this will eventually affect the avail of the organization. The selection of a potential candidate can change the fate of the organization. The capable employees can make a considerable difference on the kick in scenario of the organization. The selection of a candidate can make or break the way to companys reputatio n.(Pfeffer, 1998). Human resource department is responsible for the recruitment of the candidates. They have the righteousness of selecting the candidates who possess all the abilities. The selection procedure must be decided by the human resource organization. It must be effective enough to select a candidate with the right attitude and talent. The selection procedure must include different types of Recruitment is not an easy task and the organization must be prepared well in advance. The necessary arrangements must be made to select the candidates. The recruitment panel must consist of people who are well equipped and they must have the capability to select the right candidate. This strategy must be implemented in an organization to improve the companys situation. Selecting a right candidate will improve the profits of the company since the employees will work efficiently. This will also help in the improvement of the quality of the companys products. fighting(a) workers will co ntribute to the betterment of the company and this in turn will reflect in the major work of the organization. The human resource department has to select the candidate according to the position. It depends on the requirements of the organizatio

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