Sunday, November 24, 2019

Blogging †The Long and Short of Making the Short List

Blogging – The Long and Short of Making the Short List Would you like to earn top pay for your say? â€Å"Make the cut† at top-tier sites that have cult-like followings and opportunities for massive exposure for your work? Like an inventor who stumbles upon a winning formula for launching a popular product, I’ve discovered some savvy insider’s tips, resulting in more â€Å"eureka† moments (and bigger paydays). My strategies and efforts have landed lucrative blogging gigs that have earned $75 to $100 for 500-word posts. For example, a few years ago, I beat out over a thousand applicants for a coveted position at an award winning site that had a Google Rank of 7. Just recently, I was proud as a peacock to â€Å"hack† it as a writer for the highly-regarded, productivity site, which boasts 3,000,000 page views per month. Here’s the long and short of why it matters†¦not all writing jobs are created equal. Sometimes it’s not what you write, but where you write, that determines   whether you’ll be a starving artist or enjoy a quality of life that truly puts the free in freelance, and puts some serious cash in your pockets. And here’s the bonus: there’s great truth to the adage, Success breeds success. The more top-tier publishing credits you can add to your portfolio, the easier it becomes to stand tall, get recognized, and beat out the competition. It’s almost like an exclusive club that requires a certain initiation before admittance. Here’s how to make it happen. 1. Establish a reputation for excellence.    Though social media is the rage these days, there’s something even more important than the amount of â€Å"Twitter† followers you have.   It’s your collective online image. Produce a body of work that speaks highly to your professionalism, ethics, and commitment to your craft. And avoid word wars at all costs.    2. Don’t underestimate the importance of a well crafted blog. Blogs have become like the new online resume. It’s one of the first places prospective employers and clients go to assess your writing level, style of expression, diligence, and ability to engage an audience. Wow them with unique, quality content and regularly updated posts. 3. Start guest posting. Try the smaller sites first to help hone your craft and get your name out there. Typically the higher a site is ranked, the more difficult it is to break into. It took me years (and multiple rejections) before my guest posts were finally accepted at Pro Blogger and Men with Pens. Big name sites are usually ranked a Google Rank of 5 or better. To check a site, verify its ranking here: 4. Play to your strengths. Though I love to write, I’m strategic in my efforts. For example, if a writing gig requires extensive technical know-how, or in-depth photography skills, I don’t waste the poster’s time or mine. I have certain areas and topics in which I specialize, which allows me to work smarter, not harder. Be clear on what you do well; then work hard, systematically, to show the world. 5. Go where the money is. Freelance gigs abound. But, from my experiences, I’ve found the most lucrative positions short-listed at well-regarded, reputable sites like and 6. Prepare to be tested. The better paying freelance writing and blogging jobs often garner massive applicants. For this reason, you’ll likely have to rise above the rest to even make the short list. Once you’re chosen as a finalist, you’ll be required to take a writing test. This can consist of a selected topic, or one that you submit based on provided criteria. Follow the instructions carefully. Edit your work. Then send off the best representation of you and your skills possible. Follow these six smart tips and it won’t be long before you make the short list that others only dream about, and ultimately earn what you desire and deserve.   

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